• Manufacturing Nano-Bio Devices
  • Creating Comfortable, Wearable, Life-Saving Devices
  • Communicating Vital Information
  • Saving Critical Time
  • Ensuring the Safety of our Armed Forces

Nano-Bio Manufacturing

Nano-Bio Manufacturing

The convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, additive manufacturing & flexible electronics.
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Join NBMC Today

NBMC is building an integrated suite of nano-bio manufacturing technology.
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The University of Arizona


  • Project Highlights from the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

    Watch NBMC contractor University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine discuss their program for designing and making devices for the human body that measure immune, neural and other important biomarkers in real-time, continuously, and in non-invasive ways. Vision and non-traditional relationships between manufacturing, engineering and medicine launch a program that is changing healthcare and giving us […]

  • NBMC-sponsored sensors project featured on cover of IEEE Spectrum

    Sweat sensors will change how wearables track your health. The University of Cincinnati is using sweat to bring medical diagnostics to Fitbits and Fuelbands. Click here to read the complete IEEE Spectrum magazine cover story.

  • Industry and Academia Convene to Explore Human Performance and Health Optimization Through Technology Advances

    On October 17, 2014, 60 individuals gathered at Northeastern University for NBMC’s and FlexTech’s workshop on Sensor Technology and Systems Integration for Human Performance & Health Devices. The day-long workshop featured 10 speakers addressing the state of the art research, products and market developments around sensors, ranging from new chemical compositions to substrates for sensor […]