Membership Levels

NBMC, operating at the confluence of key technologies, allows its members a safe and profitable place to work together to leverage their efforts into a complete and viable product. By careful sharing and matchmaking by management, members can test ideas and thereby maximize their chances of success in these new and high-risk, big investment areas with unknown returns. A ready, but demanding customer in the U.S. AFRL helps to guide and transition member companies along the technology development path.

To join this group of far-reaching and creatively-thinking companies, consider the four levels of membership outlined below. Maximum benefits accrue to the higher levels, but all carry access to useful technical and market information unavailable in any other forum.

Level 1 membership carries all executive privileges and is designed for those organizations who seek to very directly influence the direction and benefit from the outcomes of Consortium activities.

Level 2 members have slightly fewer privileges (as they share a Board seat with another level 2 member) but still retain a fairly close connection to the consortium activities.

Level 3 members, with only a representational seat on the Board, is designed for small companies which will directly benefit (supply chain companies) or large companies who wish to follow the technology developments, but not directly benefit.

Level 4 membership is reserved for government agencies, universities and not-for-profit organizations.

Level 5 membership is also available for start-ups with less than a $100,000 bank balance. Please inquire for more information.

Choose the appropriate level based on your organization’s goals and interests.

Membership Levels — Comparison of Benefits and Contributions

Benefits Levels
1 2 3 4
Direct Representation on the Governing Board and Technical Council with a Vote on Strategies, Projects, and Funding
Represented Seat on the Governing Board
Seat on Technical Council
Favorable IP Rights as Defined in IP Plan
Invited Participation in an Applied Research Project
Monthly Briefing on NBMC Activity
Quarterly Briefing on NBMC Activity
Semi-Annual Briefing on NBMC Activity
Access to All NBMC Information
Access to General Information and Annual Meeting
Identification as NBMC Partner in All Marketing Material
Identification as NBMC Partner on Website and Selected Mktg Material

Table 2: Dues for Different Membership Levels

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Level 1 $25,000 $30,000 $35,000
Level 2 $12,500 $15,000 $18,000
Level 3 $5,000 $6,000 $7,000
Level 4 $0 $1,250 $1,250