Current & Past NBMC Projects

NBMC’s main project focus for funding our projects revolves around developing a biosensor device that is lightweight, cost-effective, conformable, performs as a wearable patch with an operation of 24-72 hours and costs less than $2 to mass produce.

2017 Projects

Project StatusProject TopicLead CompanyPartnersKeywords
17-16Microfluidics System PackagingUniversity of Arizonareaction kinetics, sweat, microfluidics, organic semiconductor sensor
17-15A scalable flexible substrate and assembly process for high performance heterogeneous dielet integration with tight interconnect density (FlexTrateâ„¢)University of California, Los AngelesI3 ElectronicsFan-out wafer-level packaging, bio compatible, flexible interconnect
17-14Printed Microfluidic Performance Assessment for Sweat-Based Biomarker Sensor PlatformsUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherstmicrofluidics, biosensor, biofouling, electrowetting valves
17-13Touch and Emerging Displays ReportsTouch Display ResearchOLED, quantum dot, smart windows, active pen, industry reports

2016 Projects

Project StatusProject TopicLead CompanyPartnersKeywords
16-12Wearable Device for Dynamic Assessment of HydrationGeneral Electric Global ResearchUniversity of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts Amherst, American Semiconductor Inc., University of Arizona, Dublin City University, UESimpedance, sweat sensor, ion-selective electrodes, microfluidics, hydration, electrolytes, human performance monitoring
16-11Wearable Dynamic Hydration Assessment SystemUES, Inc.Dublin City Universityclinical testing, sweat, electrolyte
16-10Wearable Paper-based Microfluidic Biomarker Sensor PatchUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstGeneral Electric Global Researchelectrowetting valve, graphene ink sensor,

2015 Projects

Project StatusProject TopicLead CompanyPartnersKeywords
15-9Enabling Manufacturing of Flexible Hybrid SystemsAmerican Semiconductor, Inc.Molexwater thinning, thin wafer handling, pick and place
15-8Computational Approaches to Predictive Device Modeling and Additive ManufacturingLockheed Martinmechanical reliability, printed antenna, interface reliability
15-7Sensor for Monitoring Human Biometric ParametersBinghamton UniversityI3 Electronics, Inc., American Semiconductor, Inc., University of California, Berkeleyflexible antenna, ECG, electrodes, capacitive electrodes
15-6Biomarker Monitoring Device ManufacturingMolex, LLCAmerican Semiconductor, Brewer Science, Northeastern Universitywireless lactate sensor, FHE manufacturing
15-5Helmet Integrated Neuro Spinal Hydration SensorVisca, LLCIQMRI, Wayne State's Universitybio-impedance, RF transmitter, inertial sensing